The Seal Point

The body colour should be a dense fawn – not too light, not too dark – with the points deep seal brown,
almost black. (The Points include the facial mask, ears, legs, feet and tail.) The Seal Points tend to darken
with age, especially the females that are bred. Young Seals are very flashy and elegant, and they seem to
know it. Loving and affectionate – the Seal is the original colour of the Siamese – some say original and the
The Blue Point
Blues come in two shades, a deep slate blue and a lighter silver blue, both acceptable in the show ring.
Their bodies should be a pale grey blue, not beige. As with Seals, they may darken with age. Most breeders
of the Blue Point would agree that they are very loyal to their owners and extremely affectionate. They will
purr just because you meet their eyes. They love to jump on your shoulder and be carried around. Like all
Siamese, the Blue Points are full of character and charm.
The Chocolate Point
These are the dilutes of the Seal Points, that is, the lighter version. The points are the colour of milk
chocolate, and the body is ivory and tends to stay light. They are wonderful pets since they are the clowns
of the breed and enjoy entertaining you. They are also extremely affectionate and love to kiss and nibble
ears. Some breeders will say the Chocolate Point are the most extroverted of the four colours.
The Lilac Point
These are the dilutes of the Blue Points. Their points are a pale pinkish lilac and their bodies, glacial white.
They tend to stay light all of their lives. Their nose and paw pads are a lavender pink and their eye colour as
with all the siamese are a deep vivid blue. They seem to believe that they are truly superior in beauty and
intelligence. Often in a household with other cats they become the instigators of assorted pranks. They love your attention, just like the other colours and are very slick at getting it.

Our responsible Siamese Kitten Breeders have been testing for the genetic disorder called (PRA) Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Please ask the breeder for results if you have any concern. 

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