Siamese Cat Society of New South Wales

Seal Point

the Seal is the original colour of the Siamese – some say original and the best. Loving and affectionate in temperament.

Blue Point

Full of Character and charm. Very loyal and affectionate to their owner.

Chocolate Point

 Extremely affectionate and have said to be the most extroverted of the four colours.

Lilac Point

Loves the attention and is very slick at getting it.

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 Breeding only the best Pure Siamese kittens from pedigree’s all over the world.

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Orivet Genetic testing

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Warning for potential new kitten owners !!!

Buyers of New Siamese kittens please be more

Due to recent changes to Siamese kitten registrations any cat that looks like a Siamese regardless of what is in the
pedigree can be registered as Siamese. So PLEASE! If you are looking for a #pure Siamese ask to see a pedigree
or go to a pure Siamese breeder.
# A Pure Siamese that is Seal, Blue, Chocolate or Lilac in  Point colour
for at least 8 generations.

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